“Andrew was an excellent choice of trainer. I can't stop processing what I've gained. I left inspired by the new learning curve that enables me to apply improvisational theory and practice in innovative and transferable ways. It was hard mental work, but I gained from every challenge I experienced. Thanks for giving me more than I expected from the weekend. I went in to learn in a playful environment, and left motivated to improve and expand the ways in which I share pedagogy.”

-Chancz Perry
Outreach Facilitator, Globe Theatre

Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen is an adjunct professor at the Sauder School of Business. He has been teaching improvisation since 2006 and designed the Improvisation for Leaders program at UBC. He has also helped develop the Corporate Improv Program at the Globe Theatre in Regina Saskatchewan and continues to work in youth skill development through the Canadian Improv Games. Andrew holds 2 Canadian Comedy Award group nominations, and his BComm and MFRE from the University of British Columbia.

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